Featured News: Angela Davis and Astra Taylor Visit Moved Online

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Past News and Events

May 1, 2020: Angela Davis and Astra Taylor Visiting on 10/13

Let us close with one important piece of news--we can arranged for Angela Davis and Astra Taylor to speak at Stanford on October 13th.  Astra was going to show her award-winning film on Democracy, and afterwards Angela was to join Astra and David Palumbo-Liu on stage to discuss the film and to talk about political work, especially in light of the upcoming election and especially in terms of inter-generational solidarity.

Due to the pandemic, it's unlikely we could hold such a large event on campus.  So we have moved it online, with the help of our new sponsors, Jacobin Magazine and Haymarket Books.  The event will be advertised globally and on Eventbrite.  It will still take place Oct 13.  Please tell your friends.

This might well typify a lot of activism in the near future, and StandFor is part of this. Please act with us in solidarity.

March 1, 2020

Student anti-war group and arts collective join efforts to stage anti-war performance piece March 9

Join Stanford Students Against War and The Multo Collective as we remember, and resurrect, the living dead of empire - ghosts who will not stay silent on this campus in empire’s shadow. The performance will be held outside the Hoover Institute on Mar. 9, Monday, from 11am-3pm. These groups are in need of capacity, so sign up for whatever roles you can take on here.

Spring Course: COMPLIT 316 Scholarship & Activism

Spring Quarter, 12:30 pm bi-weekly, McMurtry 350

Scholarship & Activism is a one-unit course that meets every other Friday at 12:30 pm at 350 McMurtry with food, conversation, planning, discussion. Our goals this year have been to develop a strong network of activists and organizations and to design and carry out specific actions on campus, informed by what we have learned in our scholarship.

For the Love of Humanity: the World Tribunal on Iraq

March 11, 5:30 pm - 7:00, Stanford Law School Room 90

Ayça Çubukçu, associate professor in human rights and co-director of LSE Human Rights at the London School of Economics and Political Science, is visiting this spring to discuss her new book, For the Love of Humanity. Çubukçu is presenting more specifically on the global anti- invasion and occupation of Iraq movement from which the War Tribune of Iraq was born.

December 19, 2019

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: On October 13, Astra Taylor will come to Stanford to introduce and screen her film, What is Democracy?  Afterwards, she will be joined by special guest Angela Davis for a conversation about the film, of democracy, and about the current political moment—DPL will moderate.  Stay tuned for details—but mark your calendars now! Read More

November 21, 2019: Survived & Punished Panel

IMPORTANT EVENT on DECRIMINALIZATION Thursday Dec 53-5 PM EL CENTRO: Three guests from Survived & Punished (S&P), a national coalition that includes survivors, organizers, victim advocates, legal advocates and attorneys, policy experts, scholars, and currently and formerly incarcerated people will speak at an important panel on . S&P organizes to de-criminalize efforts to survive domestic and sexual violence, support and free criminalized survivors, and abolish gender violence, policing, prisons, and deportations. In this panel, speakers will discuss varying routes towards de-criminalization, both from an academic and grassroots organizing perspective. After the panel, there will be information and time for letter-writing to incarcerated individuals. Read More

November 17, 2019: Day of Action - SLAP

We, the Students for the Liberation of All People (SLAP), demand that Stanford ends their relationship with Palantir. Palantir pays the Stanford CS Department at least $24,000 a year to have access to students through its Computer Forum sponsorship. Cutting off its relationship to Palantir would have little impact on Stanford financially, yet it would be a strong message from the nation’s top CS program that Palantir needs to cancel their contracts. Read More

October 21, 2019: Housing Justice and Faculty Senate Meeting

THURS: On Oct. 24, the Faculty Senate will vote on the ASSU Resolution in Support of Chanel Miller and will make it clear whether or not they support and empower survivors. We are packing the room with students, faculty, staff and concerned community members so that faculty know that we support Chanel Miller and demand justice for her. The university must uphold its agreement with her and install a plaque with a quote of her choosing. RSVP to attend the meeting at this link: http://web.stanford.edu/~abanner/Oct24.fb
TUES: Rally for housing justice! Read More

October 17, 2019: ASSU Resolution at Faculty Senate on 10/24

Today we are asking each and every one of you to attend the October 24 meeting of the Faculty Senate, at which ASSU president Erica Scott will read the resolution, and Professor David Palumbo-Liu will move that the Faculty Senate endorse the ASSU recommendation. We need a strong showing of public support.  To attend the Faculty Senate, one needs an invitation.  One can get an invitation via this web form. Please do not request in invitation if you are not certain you will attend. Read More

October 7, 2019: Nonviolence Workshops on 10/2, Sister Helen Prejean Visit on 10/3, John Patrick Leary Talk on 10/18

October 12: An introduction to 350+ methods of Nonviolent Action, Stanford Humanities Center, Board Room, 8:30am - 10:00am. A Nonviolent Vision of Palestine in the Future, Stanford Humanities Center, Board Room, 1:30pm - 3:00pm.

October 13 9:00 – 9:45 a.m.: Sister Helen Prejean will speak on and sign copies of her new memoir River of Fire in the CIRCLE, Old Union, 3rd Floor.

October 18, noon: Stanford Humanities Center, JOHN PATRICK LEARY will present a talk on the new language of capitalism--it will be a biting critique of language (e.,g, "Sustainability") as we know it today. Read More

September 21, 2019: Virtual Memorial on 9/27

A group of brilliant and imaginative students have used AR technology to create a virtual memorial that fulfills Stanford's promise. They will unveil it in a ceremony on Friday Sept 27, starting at 1 pm. Please show your solidarity and attend some time that afternoon.  The event is free, but the organizers ask that people use Eventbrite to secure a place. Here is the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dear-visitor-ar-centering-chanel-millers-voice-at-stanford-tickets-73309910917. Read More

June 16, 2019: Faculty Senate 6/13 Meeting Recap

The Faculty Senate meeting of June 13 was filled with supporters of the Stanford University Press.  Through organization and solidarity we made the case that, instead of focussing on the $1.7 million the Press was asking for a subsidy, a committee entirely independent from the Provost and based in the Senate be convened to address the issue of academic and intellectual value.  At points during the meeting, loud and vociferous cheers broke out.  We see this as a huge victory, and a repudiation of top-down neoliberalism. More

May 30, 2019: Scholarship and Activism are Impossible Without a Free Press!

Ever wanted to attend a Faculty Senate meeting and have the President, Provost, Deans, and even some trustees witness your presence? We need you there to help save Stanford University Press. Read More

May 26, 2019: Talk By Professor Freyd on 5/29

On May 29, at 5 pm, Building 50 Room 52E, Professor Jennifer Freyd will give a talk on "Institutional Betrayal and Institutional Courage." Freyd is a widely published and nationally-renowned scholar known for her theories of betrayal trauma, institutional betrayal, institutional courage, and DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender). She researches these topics in the context of institutional behavior, sexual violence, discrimination on the basis of gender, minority status, and sexual orientation, as well as disclosures of abuse. Read More

May 22, 2019: Philosophy Talk on 5/29

The doctrine of mutually assured destruction is supposed to deter both sides in a war from launching the first nuclear strike. However, the strategy of the US, NATO, and other super powers has been to plan the destruction of nearly all life on Earth. Can there be any moral justification for plausibly threatening a nuclear holocaust? And now that we’ve gotten ourselves in this situation, is there any realistic and ethical way out? Join our live audience at Stanford to record a new episode of Philosophy Talk with writer, activist, and whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg! Read More

May 12, 2019: STANDFOR

Students and Faculty Blending Scholarship and Activism Join us in supporting the Garment Workers' Union Protest Against ROSS. Here's why-- "To me, scholarship has meant naming things and therefore noticing them; resisting what is presented as coherent. Not to make intelligible my own experience, but to make it unintelligible. When I was young, I spent my Saturdays at the alteration shop my mom worked at. She, like many immigrants, worked long hours. Mom would often show me off to wealthy customers, and appear humble and slow, eager to please... Read More

May 7, 2019: STANDFOR

Please read and share widely this article (https://www.thenation.com/article/stanford-university-press-persis-drell-austerity-humanities/ ) that came out in The Nation today.  Written by a professor of comparative literature at UCLA, it makes a strong case that an strong academic press is necessary for a democracy.... Read More

May 5, 2019: May 8 lecture by H. Bruce Franklin

A talk on American politics, culture, and activism: I urge you all to attend the May 8 lecture by H. Bruce Franklin, who lost his tenured position at Stanford because of his activism. Please encourage every one you know to come as well. This is a very special opportunity to meet a celebrated activist and scholar. 4th floor Terrace Room, Margaret Jacks Hall 5:15 pm. Read More

May 4, 2019: STANDFOR


On Tuesday, May 7th, 2019, from 7- 9pm at Roble Hall Theater, the Stanford Green New Deal Town Hall will bring together a diverse array of speakers, facilitators, and attendees to discuss and promote the Green New Deal, a progressive policy program that was popularized by the Sunrise Movement (https://www.sunrisemovement.org/) and then introduced for considering as House Resolution 109... Read More

May 1, 2019: STANDFOR

The Palestinians Who Built Israel, Building 50 Room 51A on 5/7 at 5:15: Ross shows how the stones of historic Palestine, and Palestinian labor, have been used to build the state of Israel - in the process, constructing "facts on the ground" - even while the industry is central to Palestinians' own efforts to erect bulwarks against the Occupation. Looking at the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a new light, this book, largely based on field interviews in the region, asks how this record of labor and achievement can and should be recognized. Read More

April 27, 2019: Help Save Stanford University Press

This is an Open Letter from the Stanford Community to the President and Provost. If you can, please (1) sign this, and (2) pass it on to 3 other Stanford faculty members, students, alums. Here is the link you can cut and paste: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbEqyRAXcFb84N9Z8YTngOtOdJOd7JoMXBJmLQ-qG_oyt5KA/viewform?usp=sf_link Read More